And the Spirit and the bride say, Come...

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. ...

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying

This is in regards to my status:
Lord I understand just as Jesus' Spirit IN Noah had to build an outward ark to save his family of 8 while the water rises to baptize the earth of sin and corruption, now you are going to do it from with-IN us with fire. Fire burns within everyman, his conscience, that whatever is not of YOU will be burned away til the ...whole world is pure and ONE love. Jesus in a many membered man reigning in peace.

Paul speaks about it to the Corinthians 3:5-15.
Luke 17:21 Jesus said for the Kingdom of God is within you.
Everything is in you! The outward realm is a picture of the inside realm. There are so many scriptures and they are interpreted so many different ways.
Christ in us is the Hope of Glory.There is no hope in a rapture.There is no hope in dying.Glory is Christ's expression through a human vessel.
In Revelations 21:1 It says there is going to be no more seas.The seas represent those things you've got to pass through to get to the other side.No more seas means nothing blocking the expression of God in your earth.All of the walls that religion has place in us that have separated God from the earth are going to be taken down and are going to be a perfect expression of God's working through us.There is an inner working of God's Spirit.The reason there has got to be a new heaven is because heaven represents the invisible or the realm that's within.There's not going to be a new earth until there is a new heaven, because you can't change what you are outwardly until you change what you are inwardly.People are still trying to obey some set of rules that are going to make them appear Godly but will not change the nature.We are being changed from an earthly creature to a heavenly creature.From a fleshly creature to a spiritual creature.A new heaven and a new earth coming forth.Having no more places to cross to get to the other side. Those seas represented to them the obstacles that prevented them from crossing over. The sea is the working of those thoughts in your mind.A sea of thoughts in your mind telling you it can't be done.
Heaven is not a place you go to. Heaven is a realm of spirit. An elevation a height or an exaltation, a state of being. A dimension of life a sphere of existence which operates in a realm beyond the physical or geographical locations.Neither up or down but rather in not out.
Every spirit form lives in a dimension of spiritual awareness.Each of these dimensions constitutes a realm of heaven.Heaven is spiritual awareness. Your never going to find the performance of the covenant by rules and regulations.
Jesus lived in both realms John3:13
He was as aware of the spiritual realm as he was the physical realm. They all worked within Him.He was Heaven On earth, or Heaven was in His earth, Amen?
Ephesians 2:5Even when we were dead in sins has quickened us together with Christ by grace were saved and hath raised us together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We have been raised to sit together in spiritual awareness.A call to remembrance. A grave is nothing more than a remembrance of what someone once was.Resurrection has to do with your conscience being raised.Death has nothing to do with the grave. It's the mind that's dead. Filled with imaginations and strong holds against the knowledge of Christ, that's death.
The resurrection of the dead is the spirit of God coming into your life awakening of your mind to truth.and when you are awakened to truth or spiritual awareness or spiritual reality you start to partake of heaven.
You do the things that are godly by nature, that's heaven.
God has revealed the life process.Our mind is a womb and when the seed comes forth it manifests and births life. If you want to see Christ in you than every seed thought that comes into you takes hold in the mind and takes time to be nurtured. What ever thought you partake becomes what you are. If you partake of sin than sin will be manifested in you. Haven't you ever hear people say "you burn me up?" That is hell working in us.That is why we die to our fleshly nature to produce God's nature in us through Jesus Christ and repentance.
There is a whole realm within us. Heaven is the realm within.When it says there is a new earth He's taking about the body but there's not going to be a new body until heaven comes into the earth. God's got a process for that.2nd Peter 3:10 Different types of realms
The whole book can be preached 7 different ways.past, present, future, spirit, soul and body and be preached in the ages.Each verse has many applications.
God wants to give Spirit form.God has to bring us through a processing to bring forth this new inner realm.He's coming as a thief in the night
Some people think Jesus is coming in all sorts of ways. some think in the sky, some think on a white horse, some think in a garment dipped in blood.But as a thief in the night God changed the way you were thinking and started robbing you of the way you thought.And started placing in you truth to set you free.
Those things that once ruled you from within are going to be destroyed, and the elements shall melt. The things that once ruled you are going to melt away to give expression of this new inner man. The Christ in you.
And they shall melt with fervent heat and the earth also and the works that means the works of flesh they shall be burned up as well, (INWARDLY.)
Seeing then that all things should be dissolved what manner of person ought ye to be in all holy conversations and Godliness looking for and hasting to the coming of the day of God where in the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and the elements shall melt with fervent heat.
People have an idea what heaven is,and when people see heaven on earth then the heaven on earth they thought was heaven will flee and no place shall be found for them.
There is a book inside the book. People believe in fairy tales when they take the scriptures according to the religious translations that have been handed down through the years.When the nations see a people with the heavens ruling through them meaning that they have the ability to govern through them they are going to ask the people to teach the nations.
We are looking for a new heaven and new earth. Jesus when He ascended into heaven
He did not go up, He went in.


love, carol

I thank God for our dear brother Peter Demetris for the tapes I listened to and teachings I recieved from him, Him. xox

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ Himself. Amen.

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